Job Details

  • Title: Customer Care Representative
  • Code: RCI-CELG-8290
  • Location: Summit New Jersey (NJ) 07901
  • Posted Date: 08/12/2019
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description


Bachelor’s degree REQUIRED and can be a BA or BS. Only submit candidates that have successfully completed, minimally, their Bachelor’s degree and that the resumes appropriately reflect the Degree obtained and the full college name in which the Degree was earned.

Basic to intermediate computer skills REQUIRED. Prior experience in a customer service environment or in a customer interfacing role strongly desired. 0-3 years’ experience.

The start date is effective Monday, September 9, 2019, for orientation, immediately followed 7 weeks of training. The training period work schedule is from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. (Note—this schedule is for the training period only.) Candidates "must" be able to start on September 9th.

After the training period, Client will be setting work schedules according to our business needs. Candidate MUST be FLEXIBLE to work all available shifts between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday-Friday. No exceptions!

Candidate must have internet access at home with hardwire connection for Business Continuity.

Candidates must successfully make it through 7 weeks of training.

The following is a list of the various assessments conducted during the training:

  • Quizzes (need at least a 90% to pass)
  • Comprehensive final written exam (need at least a 90% to pass)
  • Comprehensive hands-on oral exam, where the trainee must demonstrate proficiency
  • on the keyboard and in navigating the database (need at least a 90% to pass)


  • Process surveys for prescribers and patients for all Client Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs via the Inbound team.
  • CCRs provide exemplary service to patients, prescribers, pharmacies, and commercial sales staff regarding the Client Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)
  • Respond courteously, professionally, and efficiently to customer contacts concerning all Client REMS products and ensure the patient and prescriber enrollment forms and surveys meet all REMS requirements and are processed quickly and accurately.
  • Handle inquires and issues to resolution while following the basic REMS program protocols.
  • Ability to work well with peers and other interdepartmental staff.
  • Basic understanding of standard call greetings and situational call handling.
  • Provide user guidance on REMS self-service channels (IVR, Online portals, and Mobile App).
  • The Customer Care Center is open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM Eastern Time and the representative is required to be flexible to changes in shift coverage to accommodate business needs during this time frame.
  • Individuals are required to use a telephone, wear a headset, and sit at a desk for extended periods of time.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Complete new hire and ongoing training on Client REMS programs and supporting systems (database, telephony, reference manual, etc.), including cross functional departmental training and corporate standard operating procedures, call handling skills, and inspection readiness.
  • Handle inbound calls, and emails via the Inbound role.
  • Handle transactions concerning Client REMS programs and triage customers to Medical Information (for medical related inquiries including some reports of adverse events), to Patient Support (for inquiries about patient financial assistance), to Order Management (for product orders or return goods), and to other customer support groups within Client (for non-REMS products) as appropriate.
  • Work within Customer Care; Registrations and/or Inbound teams to assist with issue resolution associated with enrollments.
  • Develop as a REMS subject matter expert and educate customers on Client REMS programs.
  • Execute REMS processes as defined in policies and procedures in support of enrollments and surveys and respond to general requests for information about REMS.
  • Handle any complaints or concerns about REMS or the service provided by Customer Care.
  • Keeps track of the status of each form and maintains documentation to support the reconciliation process between completed workload and received workload.
  • Recognize potential reports of adverse events and product quality complaints, capture relevant information (as required by policy), and direct such calls to the appropriate Client department as outlined in the standard operating procedures.
  • Document each contact promptly and accurately in the REMS-H database system (PEGA) and document additional information associated with managing follow up interactions in SharePoint as required by procedures.
  • Arrive to work on time, adhere to schedule, and be flexible to support other schedules as needed.
  • Design SMART goals and complete on time as agreed upon by management.
  • Carry out special duties as assigned by management.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent communications skills – verbal, written and listening
  • Computer Skills – MS office suite, Basic/Intermediate (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Strong keyboard skills and the use of basic office equipment (telephone, fax machine, copier, etc.)
  • Team player, adaptable to change, and able to build mature business relationships
  • Good documentation practices
  • Knowledge of medical or scientific terminology, a plus

Key Competencies:

  • Initiative – Being proactive rather than reactive and anticipating needs.
  • Accountability/Responsibility – Takes ownership of both successes and failures and be open to feedback.
  • Integrity – Can be relied upon to do the right thing even if no one is looking.
  • Customer Focused – Put self in customers’ shoes and see their perspective. Put customer first.
  • Product Knowledge – Understand the use, dosage, effects, method of packaging and distribution of all products. Understand product quality issues and how to respond appropriately.
  • Process Knowledge – Understand procedures and processes, effectively explain and implement them.
  • Technical Knowledge – Learn multiple systems and navigate them to document interactions in a timely manner.
  • Feedback – Give, receive and apply constructive criticism.
  • Problem Solver/Critical Thinking Skills – Create unique solutions to issues that are the best fit while preventing additional issues. Apply good judgment based on past experiences and learnings.
  • Flexible – Willingness to change in the moment to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Adaptable – Positively embrace different situations, think outside the box for a solution and implement an appropriate solution.
  • Teamwork – Work effectively with others to achieve goals in a timely fashion, leverage diversity, share responsibility and successes.
  • Communication Skills – Employ strong listening skills and convey information clearly to audience using a tone that balances friendliness and professionalism. Position information positively while utilizing call handling skills.
  • Professionalism – Understand the big picture, be aware of both self and others, and maintain composure by demonstrating patience and restraint.
  • Empathy – Put one’s self in ‘others’ shoes’ by remaining calm, being reassuring, and being mindful that the customer is a person.