Job Details

  • Title: QSP Research Associate
  • Code: RCI-BMS-28219-1
  • Location: Lawrenceville New Jersey (NJ) 08648
  • Posted Date: 08/13/2019
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

Job Description:

  • The scientist in this role will work with the Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) group to enable, enhance, and contribute to the development of disease-level QSP models.
  • This will include contributing to QSP model development, but may also include developing profiling tools to identify opportunities for model reduction or other structural optimizations, enhancements to standard techniques for solving differential equations, parameter estimation, machine learning, development of mechanistic sub-models, and/or high-throughput computing.
  • The QSP Research Associate will work closely with other QSP scientists to understand the unique requirements in each of the disease areas (Immunoscience, Fibrosis, and Cardiovascular), and help implement the QSP strategy in each of the disease areas.


  • Collaboration with multidisciplinary project teams to develop and apply Quantitative Systems Pharmacology models to aid in target prioritization, therapeutic modality selection, chemical/biotherapeutic optimization, biomarker characterization, and early clinical trial design
  • Working with external collaborators to accelerate the internal QSP efforts in key disease areas
  • Providing support to project teams to design, execute and interpret clinical studies
  • Maintaining an active relationship with colleagues in the broader Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics community at BMS
  • Networking as appropriate with experts in Discovery Biology, Non-Clinical PK/PD and other groups to share learnings and enhance consistency in best practices
  • Participate in internal scientific discussions to enhance the numerical efficiency of QSP simulations
  • Assist in the development of QSP disease models in Immunoscience, Fibrosis, and Cardiovascular disease

Preferred background, skills, and experience:

  • Ph.D. (or M.S. with 5+ more years’ experience) in mathematics, engineering, physics, computer science or other related fields, with at least 2 years in Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Excellent understanding of theory, principles and statistical aspects of advanced mathematical modeling and simulation
  • Ability to learn new areas of biological sciences and build on a solid foundation of quantitative skills to develop Quantitative Systems Pharmacology models
  • Ability to keep up-to-date with and propose the implementation of scientific and technological developments in the area of Systems Pharmacology/Biology
  • Hands-on experience with modeling software like JDesigner/Systems Biology Workbench, Entelos PhysioLab Platform, Matlab/SimBiology, DBSolve, etc. Experience with mechanistic modeling in Matlab would be preferable.
  • Experience with general programming and data analysis tools/languages such as R, Matlab, Spotfire, Python, etc. is required
  • Desire to interact as a modeling and simulation expert with matrix project teams working closely with experts from different functional areas (pre-clinical and clinical)
  • Understanding of key concepts in pharmacology & statistics