Job Details

  • Title: Medical Technician
  • Code: RCI-2779
  • Location: Fair Lawn New Jersey (NJ) 07410
  • Posted Date: 07/19/2019
  • Duration: 8 Months
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  Job Description

Emergency Medical Technician Provide on-site First Aid Oversee and maintain over five hundred medical records Employee assessment (blood pressure, temperature and glucose monitoring) Verify and/or update employee-patient medical information Manage record keeping systems for medical supplies and equipment (AED’s-Oxygen Tanks Glucometer Thermometer, ETC) Monitor inventory of medical supplies, routinely refill first aid boxes, place orders anticipating needs Record and send emails on Employment Equity (EE) status Generate/Initiate incident reports according to bakery policy in collaboration with safety manager Proper notification and follow up with supervisors in relation to accident/incident reports File documents and employee/patient records Routinely inspect and update Automated External Defibrillator ( AED ) Arrange for patient transportation (taxi service to medical office) Ensure accuracy of transportation invoices and process accounts payable Oversee the distribution of vouchers/shoes to employees (shoe mobile) Oversee the distribution of employee safety glasses Administer OSHA mandated hearing conservation tests, retest if there is a temporary threashold shift (TTS) and make appropriate referrals/Exit hearing test upon employee retiring Respond to employee/patient questions and/or concerns