Job Details

  • Title: Project Coordinator
  • Code: RCI-ABV-06204
  • Location: Lake Forest Illinois (IL) 60045
  • Posted Date: 09/11/2019
  • Duration: 24 Months
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  Job Description


Insight Farm Subject Matter Expert
  • Problem solve and resolve system issues, discussing larger issues with Insight Farm leadership and Focus Vision
  • Consult with Focus Vision Techs to discuss system challenges and learn new capabilities
  • Collaborate with Insight Farm leadership and Focus Vision offering insights and suggestions for current process and future enhancements
  • Manage the onboarding, training, and support of Insight Farm users by email, phone, and WebEx [Global and USMABI teams (200+), compliance partners (30+), supplier companies (125+) and supplier contacts (1300+)]
Supplier Onboarding Subject Matter Expert
  • Coordinate new supplier onboarding, evaluation, and renewals
  • Capture all pertinent information from supplier by utilizing IT tools: Information Security Supplier Evaluation page, Supplier Evaluation Tool (SET), Data Classification Tool (ADCT),
  • Launch third party extensive evaluation, if necessary
  • Liaise with Suppliers, IT, Purchasing, Enhanced Due Diligence Team and Purchasing
Project Support
  • Determine appropriate action and exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices
  • Analyze situations or data of moderate scope that require a review of identifiable factors
  • Special Projects (compliance, reporting, monitoring, processes)
Project Submission (450+ projects and 200+ POCNs per year)
  • Consult with Purchasing, Pharmacovigilance (ODC), Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC), Finance (Managers and Financial Compliance Team), Supplier companies (125+) and supplier contacts (1300+) to ensure project documentation is complete and compliant
  • Collaborate with Project Owners (175+) in shepherding through Purchasing’s processes
  • Submit project details in Organized Data Collection Pharmacovigilance Inventory (OPI)
  • Communicate project status and documentation requirements to appropriate parties.
Supplier Support [supplier companies (125+) and supplier contacts (1300+)]
  • Mitigate vendor compliance issues by ensuring all documentation is compliant with requirements and up-to-date
  • Collaborate with PV to confirm Supplier has appropriate Adverse Event Training
  • Assist with PO/Project related questions about processes or procedures
  • Ensure vendor receives all appropriate documentation throughout the project
Reconcile Projects (450+ projects/year)
  • Confirm project documentation is complete all project documentation should be uploaded to the project folder on Insight Farm
  • Monitor timing of all project types to ensure all tasks are completed within the required timeline: Competitive Intelligence, Primary Market Research or Primary Market Research with a Secondary Component, Secondary Market Research or Secondary Market Research for Social Listening, Syndicated Reports, One-Time Consulting – Third Party Project, Consulting – Professional Services Agreement
  • Update project details in Organized Data Collection Pharmacovigilance Inventory (OPI)
  • Submit to Project Owner for final review and approval
  • Ensure finances balance and create FCT Reconciliation Workbook
  • Itemize Honoraria details
  • Analyze each invoice and backup receipt to confirm project stays within budget
  • Verify receipts are in accordance with SOW/POCNs and Supplier Project Guidelines
  • Request further documentation (e.g., credit memo), as needed
  • Report any inconsistencies to Compliance Manager
  • Assures projects are aligned with compliance requirements and ensure they are “audit-ready”