Job Details

  • Title: Technical Librarian
  • Code: RCI-194
  • Location: White Plains New York (NY) 10601
  • Posted Date: 09/11/2019
  • Duration: 9 Months
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  Job Description


  • Support a digital library ILS system (EOS), add and delete items, create media links. Update sources, catalogue records and links within the ILS system. Communicate changes and information to a wide base of users.
  • Work with a variety of different business areas to support the consolidation of older physical library materials, ensuring that NYPA has the technical information needed to support Engineers and other users.
  • Import information and upload digital sources into the catalogue.
  • Clean up MARC records to ensure findability and reduce redundancy.
  • Working with the corporate Librarian, evaluate all duplicate hard copies and update their BIB records.
  • Implement a plan to analyze current and archival material and devise a way to digitize or replace with other sources.
  • Develop a clear understanding of information needs by business areas. Evaluate current library sources and determine if they still bring value, recommend potential new digital sources, weed out older underutilized sources. Work with the corporate Librarian to deliver accessible information across multiple platforms.
  • Assist end users with Library and research skills. Run workshops on library sources to increase access and awareness.
  • Assist with developing policies and procedures for Library Management, facilitate working groups from different business areas to vet future policies. Support a training program for Library and information services.
  • Assist with any resources needed to support technical work such as purchased standards and databases.


  • Clear understanding of integrated Library Systems, and OPACs.
  • Understanding and ability to interpret NYPAs Technical needs and align policies and procedures to support library development.
  • Work with various business units to further understand their library needs and usage styles.
  • Experience with an ILS system including cataloging, front page development and report generating.
  • Excellent Cataloguing skills.
  • Understanding of the Laws and Regulations for Copyrights.
  • Experience with an ILS system.
  • Prior Cataloguing and Acquisition experience.
  • Experience with Overdrive and RBDigital or other third-party e-libraries.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Experience creating pathfinders and other library usage guides.
  • Experience in the engineering/utilities, field ability to work in a highly regulated environment.
  • Exceptional customer service and strong interpersonal skills are required.
  • Microsoft Office/Outlook skills, knowledge of Access, and strong Excel skills.
  • Ability to establish effective relationships with team members.

Education and Certifications:

  • MLS or candidate for MLS required
  • 3-5 years of Technical Library Service experience