Job Details

  • Title: Associate Scientist
  • Code: RCI-6575
  • Location: South San Francisco California (CA) 94080
  • Posted Date: 11/08/2019
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to join the ASF Protein Technologies group. This group provides comprehensive molecular cloning, protein expression, purification and analytics support for the early stage pipeline of projects including both protein and small molecule therapeutics. The successful candidate will be a part of a team supporting lead identification of therapeutic proteins and protein reagent production for clients Research.

Job Duties:
Candidate will work in a highly-integrated and collaborative team environment and contribute to diverse functions depending upon project needs and priority. In addition to the roles below, we will consider increased responsibilities as well.

1. Protein expression

  • Harvesting mammalian HEK and CHO cultures (few liters to Wavebag scale) or E. coli cultures for downstream purification group to process; running and imaging SDS-PAGE gels for checking titers; Western blotting
  • Measuring cell culture viable counts with Vi-cell and titers with Octet
  • Harvesting inclusion bodies from E. coli cell paste
  • Basic lab maintenance work, such as managing media and other supply inventories, re-filling liquid nitrogen tank
2. High-throughput cloning
  • Running DNA gels; setting up ligations, transforming E. coli, picking colonies, growing E. coli cultures, completing plasmid minipreps and measuring DNA concentration using Nanodrop
3. Protein purification
  • Running and imaging SDS-PAGE gels for checking chromatography fractions
4. General routine laboratory activities
  • Maintenance of laboratory and workstation cleanliness and organization
Must Have Skill Sets:
  • AS, BA or BS in science-related field 2+ years laboratory experience with significant hands-on laboratory work demonstrating mastery of micro-pipetting (single and multi-channel), sample manipulation in small tubes (microcentrifuge or PCR) and multi-well plates, SDS-PAGE; knowledgeable about and comfortable using other basic molecular biology lab equipment (e.g. pH meter, balances, centrifuges); proficient making basic calculations, e.g. for making standard buffers from dry chemical ingredients or liquid stock solutions; strong fundamental training in sterile technique and knowledge of safeguards for handling mammalian or E. coli cultures
  • Ability to follow established laboratory protocols and adhere to data standards; attention to detail and careful execution of laboratory tasks are essential to our team
  • Strong written and oral communication skills