Job Details

  • Title: Research Associate
  • Code: RCI-9989563
  • Location: Framingham Massachusetts (MA) 01701
  • Posted Date: 03/16/2020
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

Lead contributor to a Biopharmaceutical Drug Product development project (including Gene Therapy, Protein therapeutics, etc) and will be responsible for stability testing, formulation screening and container closure selection. Successful candidate is expected to work with internal and external partners to timely and comprehensively address stability and compatibility aspects using established assays, across a variety of technological platforms and disciplines (biochemical, molecular biology, biophysical, and analytical). Prior experience in developing molecular biology, analytical and biophysical methods for accelerated (high throughput) protein characterization, formulation screening and candidate selection is a plus.

Key expectation and training include execution of stability studies under various formulation conditions comprising of gene therapy capsids or protein/enzyme sample preparation, testing, data analysis and interpretation of results.

Planning, prioritization and initiation of concurrent experimental procedures for multiple programs to ensure their timely completion is essential.

Should Have good documentation practices including laboratory notebook maintenance, and compilation and presentation of data

Also expected to work well with others and have the flexibility and adaptability needed in a fast-paced team environment.