Job Details

  • Title: NG911 - Specialist ESINET SME
  • Code: RCI-9237A RI4
  • Location: Brooklyn New York (NY) 11201
  • Posted Date: 03/17/2020
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description


  • Implement a Public Safety ESInet and NENA compliant NG 911 System to replace current 911 system.
  • Interconnect all Public Safety Answering points (PSAPs) in the commission of the 911 program at PSAP demarcation point.
  • Maintain the data flow of the PSAP 911 traffic from E911 system to State level ESInet.
  • Provide planning for descriptive Network details of the ESInet infrastructure for the PSAP.
  • Provide guidance on maintaining interoperability of PSAPs until the ESInet transition is complete.
  • Produce ESiNET Core Services device configuration templates for ESiNET components.
  • Manage the configuration and deployments of the ESiNET Network Technology.
  • Provide Subject Matter Expertise to program management for the integration and evolution of the NG9-1-1 System.

Required/Desired Skills

  • Minimum 12 years experience in a particular technical and/or business application, product, platform or methodology.
  • Experience in designing and building to National Emergency Numbering Association (NENA) i3 standards.
  • Experience in integration of ESInet with legacy 911 systems and subsystems.
  • Experience in designing both ng911 and legacy E911 systems and product development.
  • Knowledge of ESInet core services,legacy telephony technologies, SIP, VOIP, network protocols, and ESInet design using NENA recommended best practice
  • Project and proposal management, and RFP reviewer.
  • System and subsystems verification and validation using traffic generator.
  • Vendor relationship management and scheduling
  • Continuous life-cycle management for all Public Safety technologies
  • Knowledge of both WAN/LAN technologies and design.
  • Knowledge of IP/IPv6 based networks, subnetting and routing protocols.
  • Understanding of network security technology.
  • Knowledge of routing protocols and familiarity with concepts associated to cloud computing and virtualization.
  • Experience managing Internet and Wide Area Networks and various IP based applications.
  • Problem solving, technical writing, MS Office products (Visio/Word/PowerPoint/Excel, etc..)
  • Broad knowledge of various system, network, and security practices.