Job Details

  • Title: Clinical Project Assistant
  • Code: RCI-02053
  • Location: Bridgewater New Jersey (NJ) 08807
  • Posted Date: 06/24/2020
  • Duration: 5 Months
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  Job Description

Responsible for assisting the CTM/CDM/CTOM/TMA/TL/GL within a Trial Operations Group dedicated to a Therapeutic Area BU or across one or more Units, etc. by performing routine administrative responsibilities and/or routine operational tasks associated with the coordination of clinical trials.

May be given primary and back-up administrative support responsibilities only or a combination of general administrative support and operational administrative responsibilities depending on the size of the team/workload capacity, CPA's skill level, and business needs.

Providing administrative support is responsible for knowing and complying with current processes, policies and standards. Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality is critical. Ability to mentor other CPAs.

Administrative Support Responsibilities Conducted in Accordance with Processes, Policies and Standards
?? Travel arrangements ?? Expense Report Processing -includes T&E tracking in designated electronic system(s)
?? Meeting / videoconference arrangements ?? Office Supply Ordering
?? IT / maintenance issues (copiers, phones, computers, etc)
?? Time-off (Vacation / Sick / Personal Days) Tracking
?? Out-of-office Telephone Coverage for TLs and GLs
?? Serves as Learn Program Administrator
?? Update various department lists, distribution lists & org chart
?? Mailings, photocopying & faxes
?? Other central corporate systems administrator roles as determined

Operational Support Responsibilities Conducted in Accordance with Processes, Policies and Standards: Study Specific sharing workspace
?? Manages study specific sharing workspace (e.g, may serve as sharing workspace Coordinator) which may be including but not limited to the following tasks:
?? Requesting sharing workspace creation, participating in initial customization, managing sharing workspace settings (including viewing usage reports), managing sharing workspace structure and content, requesting and participating in sharing workspace deletion, allowing access to sharing workspace training and support to users accessing the sharing workspace in collaboration with the sharing workspace Function Administrator
?? Managing Memberships and Distribution lists
?? Who’s Who Coordination and Updates Study Tracking
?? Study materials
?? After adequate training & with supervision, maintain corporate or local tracking systems including but not limited to:
? CTMS /Profile setup & updates
? CTMS /Profile/CTI Reports & Accrual Curve Generation
? Relevant study budget/financial management systems

Highly proficient in software applications (e.g, MS EXCEL, ACCESS and PowerPoint) and working in clinical trial management systems (e.g, IMPACT)
Someone with a few years of experience working on clinical trials and years of working on clinical trials.

Team is in oncology so oncology experience would be great.
• Good interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) including ability to maintain a high-level of confidentiality