Job Details

  • Title: Operational Analyst
  • Code: RCI-02481
  • Location: Swiftwater Pennsylvania (PA) 18370
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2020
  • Duration: 5 Months
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  Job Description

The iLearn Deployment Operational Analyst will work in conjunction with the One LMS and Global Research and Development (R&D) Project Teams to facilitate the iLearn project initiatives, including the migration of data from the existing ISOtrain training system to iLearn or PReSERVE, and the subsequent iLearn implementation to all impacted R&D functions, under general guidance and in accordance with current GXPs.


The incumbent will work within the prescribed time frame and funding parameters to provide support to project sponsors, leaders, and teams by completing project activities and ensuring best practices are applied in full alignment with global compliance procedures.

  • Understand the training process and the Learning Management System (LMS) in place 10%
  • Collect, sort and synthesize field data and update the Project templates with the data collected in the field 20%
  • Provide technical solutions to the problems of field migration 5%
  • Operational involvement in field activities 20%
  • Monitor the progress of the project and complete the progress indicators for Activity Streams 5%
  • Participate in migration tests 20%
  • Update the documentation related to the project, the deployment of the new LMS, and the local training 10%
  • Interact with the R&D departments and the Site Quality Operations (SQO) R&D personnel, including training coordinators, managers, trainers, User Project Leaders (UPLs), and other members of the iLearn deployment team 5%
  • Support functional area managers and/or training coordinator(s) 5%