Job Details

  • Title: Digital Analyst
  • Code: RCI-10479919
  • Location: Duluth Georgia (GA) 30096
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2020
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

Product Maintenance-

  • Add new products/SKUs
  • Stock Out Status
  • Pushing new and current products through AHRC (legal/regulatory review)
  • Marking promotional products
  • Working with equine to gather product details
  • Go through site and itemize what is missing/old

Current Site Maintenance

  • Promotional Banners- making new banners/working with marketing
  • Pushing pages through AHRC


Full Story

  • Identify possible issues or friction points
  • Really digging into this data and creating tickets on potential breaks/escalating any potential enhancements

Partnership with Customer Care

  • Work with Escalation team
  • Attending weekly update meeting
  • Help to identify training gaps
  • Advocate for our Digital Strategy
  • Ownership of action items that involve Customer Care


  • Escalate issue to Vetcove and troubleshoot issues that Vetcove escalates to us


  • Testing for the break fixes and enhancements that are being pushed on the current site
  • Communicate to Customer Care when needed
  • Adding Equine will take some time since this will be their first time working with Bi-Connect. So helping them test, gathering requirements for PEP,etc.


  • Assist with bi-weekly deployments into prod


  • Supporting enhancements to analytics dashboards

Needed Skills (programs, etc):

  • experience in web-based software administration/management
  • web-based software development team support
  • MS/Office suite
  • QA/testing