Job Details

  • Title: Operator
  • Code: RCI-5742
  • Location: Tarboro North Carolina (NC) 27886
  • Posted Date: 08/11/2020
  • Duration: 4 Months
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  Job Description

  • Prepares and operates heavy-duty power press to bend, form, stretch, and straighten metal plates, metal extrusions, formed sheet metal, structural shapes, forgings, and weldments as specified by blueprints, layout, and templates.
  • Applies knowledge of physical properties of metal to plan sequence of operations.
  • Measures and sights along work piece, using tape, rule, straightedge, and transit, to mark reference lines.
  • Selects and positions flat, V-block, radius, or special purpose die sets into ram and machine, using jib or crane.
  • Aligns and bolts dies to ram and machine, using gauges, templates, feelers, shims, and wrenches.
  • Turns handwheel or levers to set depth and pressure of ram stroke. Preheats work piece in furnace, using hand torch.
  • Lifts and positions work piece between dies of machine, using jib or crane and sledge.
  • Starts machine to lower ram that bends or straightens work piece between dies.
  • Repositions work piece and changes dies when making multiple or successive passes.
  • Hand forms or finishes work piece, using hand sledge and anvil.
  • Grinds out burrs and sharp edges, using portable grinder.
  • Inspects and marks job number on finished work piece.
  • May bend or straighten cold metal. May set dies to punch and blank heavy metal.
  • May operate horizontal power press to bend or straighten long pieces of bar stock or structural shapes.
  • May operate press equipped with two or more rams to bend angles or flanges or bend to radius by successive passes; or operate multiple acting hydraulic press to perform deep progressive and reverse draw operations of sheet metal.