Talent Attraction and Verification

Rangam Consultants has developed an intelligent recruiting methodology that has created an extensive pool of available personnel that are qualified in all industry types. This network of qualified personnel, which has been formed through social media, professional networks, job fairs, local and nationwide interactive online recruiting, national referral programs, and industry contacts, has given us the ability to know who is seeking new positions, looking for temporary work, or simply keeping their options open for new opportunities. By utilizing the SourcePros© Applicant Tracking System (our proprietary recruitment tool), as well as other technologies, we have made searching for qualified and skilled candidates more intelligent and precise.

We are regularly the first to know when a person is seeking a new position, which gives us the ability to staff projects in a relatively short period of time with qualified local personnel. Our subscription-based “Click & Confirm” program provides us ready to submit resumes on a daily basis with confirmation from the candidate using electronic signature.

To assure all of our personnel are of the highest quality and match the requirements, our processes include pre-screening every candidate through a series of phone interviews, video conference or in-person interviews, technical testing, behavioral and communication skills assessments, and reference checks prior to a candidate being submitted for consideration. Candidates are required to provide us with detailed references and employment history to confirm their skills and history in depth. Our past performance and scorecards are proof that we provide quality candidates that complete the assignment on time.

Job Skill Categories

Job Skill Category
  • Information Technologies
  • Scientific
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Business Professional
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative
  • Light Industrial
  • Sales & Customer Svc.