Industry Expertise

As one of the top MSP staffing companies, we advance employment for autistic adults as well as for neurotypical job seekers and veterans in the following industries:

  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Financial and Insurance
  • CPG and Food Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

  • Information Technology
  • Public sector and government
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Digital Manufacturing

Our staffing industry expertise, together with our strong ties to the disability community, helps us find the best jobs for people with autism and individuals with disabilities. If your organization is looking to tap into the pool of the best available talent—whether active, passive, or traditionally underrepresented in the workforce—let us know!

Visit SourceAbled™, an ASA Care Award-winning program for neuro-inclusion in the workplace, if you are in search of good jobs for people with autism and individuals with disabilities beyond the IT sector.

Life Science
Finance Insurance
Information Technology
Public Sector
HiTech Manufacturing