Job Details

  • Title: Business Integration Lead
  • Code: RCI-02913
  • Location:
  • Posted Date: 09/04/2020
  • Duration: 4 Months
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  Job Description

  • Responsible for all business integration activities related to legacy LMS project to ensure the business customer(s) within SP Global Quality will be able to use iLearn as per its needs after the migration and decommissioning of its legacy LMS. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Design and implement standardized training plan for SP Global Quality employees
    • Partner with Global Quality area representatives to ensure there is Continuous Training for each position within Global Quality
    • Review of SPQA Global Procedures to ensure alignment to new LMS
    • Assist with the education and training of SPQA Members to ensure successful transition to the new LMS
Responsible to ensure that all SPQA owned courses are available in iLearn for SP Sites and Functions to use.  This includes ensuring all of standards are followed.


Overall business integration in iLearn of the various businesses using the legacy LMS.


This includes:

  • Work with stream lead to confirm customer groups intake prioritization and schedule
  • Engage with customer groups and plan business integration activities for example, workshops, ad-hoc meetings, etc…
  • Review functionalities and services that will be used (within appropriate functional core model) and design the best way to use iLearn to meet the customer’s need. Perform demos and/or build mock-ups when needed
  • Create and/or Contribute to the creation of the learning offerings
    • Map course data to iLearn standard learning objects
    • Work with customer groups and to identify or create supplemental learning object data (e.g. subjects, availability groups, assignments, etc)
    • Prepare with customer groups the data required to build the training paths, the groups, the assignment and the other Learning Objects that cannot be migrated
Coordinate with iLS the manual set up of curriculums, groups and assignments and/or other Los that cannot be migrated (pre go live activities)
  • Coordinate checking by customers of the manual set up (curriculums, groups, assignments and other Los created manually)
  • Service organization dimensioning and implementation
    • Develop with the customer service volumes estimates for admin resource sizing
    • Support the customer groups in assessing the best support model (centralized or decentralized) Identify with customer groups Authorized Requestors or decentralized admins
  • Brief iLearn Services Operations and Learner support teams
  • Attend decentralized admin training sessions when/if needed
  • Support iLS in the hypercare period post go live
Contribute to change management on topics specific to the stream (FAQs…)

  • Possess a strong understanding of the Cornerstone Learning Management System and associated functionality
  • Strong Learning and Development background preferred
  • Strong knowledge and experience in client implementation and testing methodology.
  • Ability to understand any business processes
  • Good knowledge of IS technology in general.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to effectively address all level within the organizations (Learning, ITS, etc…) and identify resolutions.