Job Details

  • Title: Associate Scientist
  • Code: RCI-09454
  • Location: Worcester Massachusetts (MA) 01605
  • Posted Date: 09/16/2020
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

Job Description:

  • Masters degree with research experience will work for this role
  • Lab experience needed 1 - 2  yrs
  • PCR experience is a must have
  • Core job responsibilities include qPCR, flow cytometry, and ligand binding assay (ELISA/MSD).
  • The preferred candidate will also have prior experience with isolation of immune cells from tissue and blood.
  • Additional desired skills include sterile technique and cell culture, and in vitro/ex vivo assays.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to generate, analyze and effectively communicate and present data both one-on-one and to a larger audience.
  • Responsibilities also include maintenance of lab reagents.
  • The candidate should possess excellent oral and written communication skills, organizational skills and attention to detail.

Intake Notes:

Are you open to look at candidates willing to relocate?  Yes

Years of experience/education and/or certifications required: 1-2 years of experience is preferred

What are the top 3-5 skills requirements should this person have?

  1. qPCR 
    2. Flow Cytometry
  1. Ligand binding assay (eg: ELISA, MSD)

What is a nice to have (but not required) regarding skills, requirements, experience, education, or certification?


It would be preferred if the candidates have experience in handling whole blood and cell culture  


What type of environment is this person working in?

  1. Group setting
  2. Individual Setting
  3. Combination of both

Work Schedule (Define days,# of hours)/ Is Overtime offered or required? If yes, how many hours, what impact to scheduled working hours?


5 days a week and 8 hours a day.


Does this position offer the ability to work remotely on a regular basis or is it an on-site role? If remote opportunity exists, what are the options (i.e. 1 day remote, 4 days on-site)?


It will be a lab-based position.


Is the worker onshore or offshore? (If offshore confirm with manager that the worker will align to a USD Cost Center for invoicing purposes.) If no, escalate to Operations Manager


It will be onshore.


Will there be Domestic and/or International Travel? If yes, list proposed countries and % of time travelling:




Discovery Questions

Reason for opening: We would like to open this position to support the biomarker work for the phase transition of RIPK1 and CD206 iADC programs. It is the replacement of a current contractor who will be going to medical school