Job Details

  • Title: Scientific Associate
  • Code: RCI-11466021
  • Location: Cambridge Massachusetts (MA) 02139
  • Posted Date: 10/15/2020
  • Duration: 5 Months
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  Job Description

  • Work independently in supporting senior group scientists on their projects as well as novel delivery technologies projects (time split between the two activities).
  • Design, plan, and perform experiments in order to test hypotheses and advance understanding of fundamental scientific principles.
  • Interpret and report results.
  • In detail, perform basic physchem characterization of new molecular entities, such as use of analytical techniques to confirm physical form, measurement of solubility and evaluation of chemical and physical stability.
  • Develop formulations to support in vivo studies.
  • Perform feasibility studies to assess novel delivery technologies for various internal projects.
  • Carry out basic laboratory housekeeping activities such as preparation of buffers and mobile phases.

Major Activities:

  • With minimal oversight from lead project scientist, design and perform scientific experiments.
  • Interpret results, evaluate data, draw relevant conclusions and write reports.
  • Report and present results internally.
  • Utilize complex laboratory tools and equipment.
  • Maintain infrastructure, equipment and required investments.
  • Proactively communicate key issues and any other critical topics in a timely manner to the appropriate management level and/or to any other relevant project team members.
  • Work according to appropriate SOP’s, HSE and company’s guidelines.


  • Knowledge of laboratory and technical tools, such as thermal techniques, X-Ray powder diffraction and particle size analysis required.
  • Proficient in utilization of special tools and equipment, lab automation tools and specialized facilities e.g., containment and sterile labs, and analytical tools such as LC-MS, etc.
  • Good knowledge of software and computer tools.
  • Very good communication skills. Good presentation skills and scientific/technical writing skills.
  • Experience with making nano and micro particle formulations desired


  • Minimum: BS with additional 1-3 years of laboratory experience.
  • Desired: MS or PhD focused in pharmaceutical sciences/drug delivery
  • Proficient in English (oral and written)