Job Details

  • Title: QA Technician
  • Code: RCI-09601
  • Location: Barceloneta Puerto Rico (PR) 00617
  • Posted Date: 10/15/2020
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

Candidates must available to work any shift if needed, based in business needs


List essential responsibilities for the position in order of importance and priority for the job. Describe the expected result for this position. Each must support the overall purpose of the position.

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality System.
  • Responsible for performing the visual tests with acceptance and rejection criteria by attributes in the areas of compression, coating and printing / drawing of tablets.
  • Responsible for reviewing the documentation of the compression “in-process” tests.
  • Perform the “line clearance” verification of the final packaging lines.
  • Manage file and return samples sent by clients of products manufactured in APL. Management includes: Receipt of samples, allocation of locations and storage according to their storage conditions.
  • They establish written communication through the electronic correspondence system (e-mail) as part of the tools of their work to receive requests from APL and Chicago personnel to provide them with the information they require.
  • Work with the preparation of samples with extra-fine material; this entails taking photos and making arrangements to send them to the MS&T department.
  • Communicate with scientists and researchers to agree on the delivery of the requested samples.
  • Execute counting and balancing of controlled products.
  • Destroy the samples according to the retention time established for the procedures, making use of the safety requirements for waste of potentially harmful biological materials.
  • Document the inspections describing what is observed in a written report in accordance with the Quality System Regulation.
  • Manage and document the temperature records of the storage rooms and equipment of the archive and return samples.
  • Execute applicable process tests (Visual, hardness, thickness, weight, disintegration and viscosity).
  • Responsible for executing assigned tasks according to the needs of the operational area.
  • Provide assistance to operations in accordance with environmental management systems, Operational Health and Safety (EH&S for its acronym in English) and promote continuous improvement.

List the minimum requirements for education, skills and practical knowledge needed.

Associate degree, preferably in Natural Sciences or Vocational Technical Degree.


Mention the minimum experience requirements necessary. Please include the titles.
  • Basic knowledge of cGMP.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics.

The essential responsibilities paragraphs describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by the persons assigned to the position. They do not comprehensively describe the responsibilities, tasks, or skills required for this position. The incumbent may perform other functions as assigned.

QA Technician I

1) What hours and days will this person be working?

Candidate must be available for all shifts

But Candidates must available to work any shift if needed, based in business needs
2) What are the top 5 skills / requirements this person is required have?

Associate Degree in Natural Sciences
Understand, read and document English language, because all documentation is in English language
Basic Computer knowledge

3) What years of experience, education, and / or certification are required?
Associate degree in natural sciences, Biology, chemistry, Biochemical

4) What is a nice to have (but not required) regarding skills, requirements, experience, education, or certification?

N / A

5) What is the environment that this person will be working in (ie group setting vs individual role)?
Group setting
After training candidate must be able to work in an individual role
6) Is any testing required for this role?
And it is
7) Does this position offer the ability to work remotely on a regular basis or is it an on-site role? If remote opportunity exists, what are the options (ie 1 day remote, 4 days on-site)? On Site Role