Job Details

  • Title: Molecular Biology Technician
  • Code: RCI-16143
  • Location: Gaithersburg Maryland (MD) 20878
  • Posted Date: 11/19/2020
  • Duration: 7 Months
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  Job Description

Schedule: We have created a facility for high throughput screening for COVID-19 of our Key Workers. Staff within this laboratory will work a shift pattern to enable a 16-hour day operation across 5 days a week. Typical hours will be Tuesday to Saturday 8am-4pm, but all applicants should have the ability to work between the hours of 6am and 10pm in case shift work is required in the future.

The Molecular Biology Technician role will involve fully automated RNA extraction and RT-PCR workflows. You will need to be comfortable performing this while using PPE.

  • Work in teams of 2-3 to operate Beckman I series robotics to perform automated magnetic bead RNA extraction procedures and track sample through the LIMS system
  • Followed by performing the RT-PCR reaction setup including manual pipetting as well as automated plate preparation using benchtop automation equipment
  • Following plate preparation, lab technicians/scientists will be responsible for running the plates on the qPCR instrument, QC’ing the data when it is available, and alerting lab management of any data issues
  • Local scientist responsible for sample receipt, re consolidation and issue resolution
  • Clinical operation background required
  • Molecular techniques
  • Work in BSL2 lab with previous experience of automation and molecular biology techniques preferred
  • Experience working in a Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Work with human biological specimens. HepB Vaccination advised
  • Work with samples which may contain SARS-Cov-2
  • Attention to detail to ensure chain of custody of all samples
  • Working and communicating across a fast-paced cross organizational team
  • Rigorously following SOPs
  • Alternative pattern shift work
  • Ability to follow SOPs
  • Ability to follow lab specified documentation practices
  • Ability to handle human specimens with appropriate precautions
  • Ability to follow CAPA procedures
  • Scientific Bachelor's degree preferred. High School Diploma or equivalent with some scientific degree study minimum