Job Details

  • Title: Technical Writer
  • Code: RCI-02693
  • Location: Swiftwater Pennsylvania (PA) 18370
  • Posted Date: 11/24/2020
  • Duration: 23 Months
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  Job Description


1) Data Collection and review
Ensuring Data is obtained from the required systems (LIMS, batch record data base) daily- this may require running queries in LIMS, downloading data, manipulating data (Excel, JMP)
Running scripts and creating presentations for data display
Data review to determine if any data outside established tolerance and notifying manager if data is outside

2) Technical Writing

Create new excursions in Geode (Word)
Investigate excursions- (SAP, change management database)
Start review and approval workflows
Assist managing comments in review cycles
Write 90 day memos when required

3) Administrative

Create and manage updates in tracking application (Sharepoint) for new excursions investigating missing batch record data base data and communicating to the floor for entry and/or corrections revising database templates
Attend process review meetings, create minutes