Job Details

  • Title: Trial Specialist for High Tech Leafys
  • Code: RCI-11257
  • Location: Parma Idaho (ID) 83660
  • Posted Date: 02/18/2021
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

Local candidates only in Southern New England area (MA is ideal, NH, CT, RT possible). - remote working from home, but heavy travel (40%) in SNE area and Canada.Travel can be overnight.
A company fleet car will be provided (once a person is clear, we will provide the details of the fleet).
Must have a valid passport and driver's license. MVR check will be required for onboarding.
heavy OT expected about 20% after hours and weekend. A person must be willing to be extremely flexible


Trial Specialist for High Tech Leafys - Southeast New England


  • Working with the Regional Product Development Specialist, Sales Manager, and High-Technomics Manager, coordinate lettuce and spinach trials in high-tech greenhouses throughout the USA & Canada.
  • Set-up, execute, and monitor the agreed trials plan, gathering reliable data and communicating results. Ensuring all required input is collected for various evaluation and sections and creating and developing variety-specific growing recipes as part of our digital data-driven strategy and market development.



  • Degree in Agricultural / Horticultural or related science, or equivalent working experience


  • PC literate, preferably with some knowledge of statistics.
  • Suitable for a college graduate. However, preferably you will have some experience working in the commercial greenhouse industry
  • Knowledge/Skills
  • Knowledge of greenhouse hydroponic production systems.
  • Very good organizational skills.
  • Good communications skills both written & verbally
  • A team player
  • The ability to work alone and take own initiative for prioritization of daily activities.


  • Design, plan and coordinate the trial schedule for a specific area and/or crops in close cooperation with the Stake Holders (25%)
  • Set up, execute & monitor the trials for a specific area and/or crops in close cooperation with Stake Holders. (25%)
  • Collect all required parameters & via interpretation and analysis, inform the Stake Holders of results/conclusions (25%)
  • Possess a thorough knowledge or our own and competitors product portfolio to be able to demonstrate to Stake Holders the relevant performance of varieties within our development pipeline (15%)
  • Organize and coordinate meetings/trials visit with Stake Holders to facilitate decision-making regarding variety elevation. (10%)


This position will support: High Tech Salads (Lettuce and Spinach)

  • Regional overnight travel: 40% (outside of New England, within the USA and Canada.) *must have valid passport and driver’s license.
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands across multiple crops.
  • Coordinates with RPDS, Breeders, Account and High-Technomics Managers to understand well the PD needs of each respective crop they are responsible for.
  • Organizes and balances the trial work within the assigned crops, ensuring the PD needs are met and balancing workload.
  • Ability to communicate well with people from different backgrounds, cultures and skill sets; as well as our external customers
  • Variable working hours depending of season. Time pressure.
  • Indoor Greenhouse work includes long hours on cement floors
  • Physical/Manual labor; regularly lifting more than 30 lbs is a part of the job

Level of Autonomy/Decision Making Responsibility:

  • The Trial Specialists acts under the guidance of the Team Lead for Trials for the US and Canada, but is responsible for liaising with the RPDS and the Breeders, Account and High-Technomics Managers to design, plan, coordinate and monitor the trial schedule for a specific area and/or crops of expertise. Collecting, analyzing, interpreting & documenting all required parameters from trials will be done under the guidance of the Stake Holders. Will also work in conjunction with sales to ensure trial agreements are completed as necessary.

Internal Relationship:

  • RPDS (Regional Product Development Specialist): The Trial team provides services for this PD group at a T1 and T2 level.
  • Trial Specialists: This position will interact with other TS across the region & Trails Specialist in Europe to learn from and share information with.
  • Sales Specialist, Account Manager, High-Technomics Manager and Crop Sales Manager: Trial and evaluation of the lettuce and spinach assortment under different growing systems and configurations. Coordinating with Sales, as well as learning about crop strategy at a regional level.
  • Breeders and R&D Screening Specialists: the internal customer. The Trial team may provide services for this R&D group at a screening level.

External Relationship:

  • Farm/Business Owners and Farm Manager: Coordinate planning, planting, evaluation, monitoring, and harvest activities.