Job Details

  • Title: Contract and Budget Support Manager
  • Code: RCI-42658-1
  • Location: Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  • Posted Date: 10/22/2021
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

Analyst, Client Corporate Giving

Role & Responsibilities

  1. Manage day to day grants and Corporate Giving (CG) requests through the Client grants and giving Software/website (Cybergrant System). Training on the Cybergrant system will be provided.
  2. Responsible for all aspects of the CG request process through Cybergrants system, including administrative and operational tasks such as but not limited to:
  1. Keeping track and maintain all incoming and on-going CG requests
  2. Ensure incoming CG requests include the minimum required documents to process the request
  3. Communicate to potential grant recipients/organizations, including: sending letter of agreements (i.e. contracts); obtaining the signed letter of agreement back from the organizations; requesting additional documentation for requests if necessary; Sending letter of agreements for approved requests to external grant recipients/organizations
  4. Maintain signed copies of letter of agreements
  5. Maintain and processes payments for approved CG requests
  6. Conduct the close out process for any completed approved requests if required
  7. Provide general overall translation from the two languages listed to English and vice versa when required
  1. Acts as primary contact for requestor inquiries.
  2. Responsible for accuracy and completeness of grants data and quality assurance, including responding to audit inquiries, analysis of incoming requests, and approval/decline documentation.


Skills Required:

  1. All candidates must be fluent and proficient in any of these languages Spanish, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japan, French, Portuguese and Russian or any combination of (speak, read and write)
  2. Exhibits understanding of analysis, grants and corporate giving concepts and Client therapeutic areas of focus.
  3. Ability to articulate corporate giving and grants process to outside internal and external requestors in a professional manner.
  4. Assists in the identification of and recommendation for process improvement, procedures, information, and opportunities to improve departmental functions and increase service value to the enterprise.
  5. Applies good judgment. Demonstrates a working knowledge of current area and general knowledge of other areas.
  6. Applies innovation to enhance productivity.
  7. Demonstrates leadership qualities for valuing diversity, develops working relationships with peers and clients, and consistently shows respect and professionalism toward others.
  8. Demonstrates ability to be a strong team player in various work settings.
  9. Demonstrates leadership potential by exhibiting the following qualities: trustworthiness, integrity, candor and openness.
  10. Demonstrates strong computer software skills, organizational and time management skills, and quality control techniques.
  11. Develops effective professional written communications and demonstrates introductory presentation skills