Job Details

  • Title: Warehouse Associate
  • Code: RCI-6573
  • Location: Louisville, KY 40228
  • Posted Date: 12/02/2021
  • Duration: 3 Months
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  Job Description



Shift: FIRST

Hours Monday - Friday 7am - 3:30pm, OT required

Plan for 9-10 hours on Monday/Tuesday, 8-9 rest of week


Pay: $19.00


Job Duties Overview:

Below is a list of the different job duties contingent workers may be asked to perform: 

  • Cooler Prep – A large portion of our shipments require us to maintain FDA standardization for shipping refrigerated items. Cooler Prep could involve several functions for completion:
  • Gel Pack retrieval and placement into shipping containers
  • Placement of Bubble Bags into Shippers
  • Placing Shippers onto the take-away line
  • Cardboard Disposal – Collecting and discarding of cardboard boxes. We recycle over 20 tons of corrugate every year.
  • General Warehouse Cleaning duties – We are required by the FDA to have clean and suitable facilities to store medications. We also want to keep the DC clean for safety reasons.
  • Void Fill – Placement of air pillows in the remaining void areas prior to carton seal to prevent shifting during shipping.
  • Line Offload – Placing shipped cartons onto the appropriate shipping pallet for UPS Shipments.
  • Box Erector / Box Making – Ensuring our box erector is maintained with appropriate quantity of cartons to be made.
  • Order Fulfillment – In some occasions you may be asked to help fulfill orders.
  • Other Duties as needed – Things may come up from time to time, and there will be some flexibility that will allow us to complete our jobs for the day.