Job Details

  • Title: Application Engineer
  • Code: RCI-14036460
  • Location: Beaverton, OR 97006
  • Posted Date: 01/14/2022
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

As a Senior Application Engineer on the clientteam, you will:

  • Leverage your polyglot skills to design,build and maintainmicro-services on the AWS platform for clientRetail specifically using Scala and Java
  • Use your knowledge of NoSQL and SQL databases to ensure we have highlyavailable and performant data access
  • Review teammates’ technical designs, code and tests to maintain high code quality
  • Harness your DevOps skills to automate operations tasks
  • Profile and tune your work to ensure we deliver performantservice experiences to all of our global customers
  • Partner with architects andother teams to ensure the clientRetail eco-system of services stay loosely coupled and independently scalable
  • Automate the testing of all of your components to ensure we have excellent test coverage
  • Contribute to technical development and provide technical direction for the implementation and delivery of the system
  • Contribute to the development of technical processes (e.g., testing, coding practices, etc.)
  • Work with architects to ensuresolutions are aligned with the technical clientroadmap
  • Contribute to technical planning, estimation and design sessions
  • Monitor the overall technical progress of the project and actively plan for future technical development activities
  • Contribute to maintaining and improving effective team communications regarding technical/delivery plans, approaches and issues with all project team members
  • Keep delivery team apprised of work progress and proactively communicate any concerns or opportunities to improve project delivery
  • Contribute innovative technical approaches for meeting system requirements


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science(or relevant fields) or 5 years of experience as a software engineer
  • At least5years of experience designing and building distributed RESTful web application microservicesusing Scala and Java
  • At least 3 years of experience using the AWS services EC2, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Cloudformation and CloudWatch
  • Experience writing automated tests that run in CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience developing and presenting effective solutions for technical/product problems
  • Experience supporting products in production using observability and alerting tools like Splunk and SignalFx
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code concepts (terraform, cloudformation, etc)

Preferred Qualifications:


  • Experience building Retail software for inventory management
  • Experience building Retail software leveraging RFID