Job Details

  • Title: Warehouse Supervisor
  • Code: RCI-7030
  • Location: Seattle, WA 98198
  • Posted Date: 05/13/2022
  • Duration: perm Months
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  Job Description



Schedule: Sunday: Thursday 7pm – 4am



  • Under general supervision of the Warehouse Manager, oversees functional areas of the warehouse such as receiving, replenishment, shipping, order filling, returns or cage/vault in order to ensure timely and accurate receipt of CLIENT inventory, timely and accurate delivery of CLIENT inventory, accurate picking and packing of product, and overseeing the verification and record keeping of outgoing shipments of controlled substances to CLIENT customers.
  • Ensures proper packing procedures for all outbound shipments and provides direction to warehouse associates.
  • This position is categorized as compliance critical and, as such, requires and is assigned specific responsibility for ensuring continual and proper compliance with all division, corporate and regulatory requirements.


  • We need individuals that have lead teams in a warehouse setting
  • Project management, operational impact, Lean manufacturing experience, and an appetite for growth.
  • We are open to different industries but would prefer warehouse, logistics or supply chain industry experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree is not required, strongly preferred for career advancement
  • Union experience preferred


  • Directs the workflow, motivates, trains and monitors the performance of warehouse associates involved in either the receiving, order filing, replenishment, shipping, returns or cage/vault process.
  • Assists in the process of selection, training and performance management for the Distribution Center associates.
  • Monitors work processes and makes suggestions for modifications in order to increase and improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy for the purpose of improving costs; implements changes as directed or needed.
  • Supports compliance with all appropriate policies, procedures, safety rules and DEA regulations.

Depending on the assigned area, responsible for:

  • Supervises the receipt of merchandise, ensuring that only products intended for the Distribution Center are accepted by the receiving clerks; ensures that daily logs are maintained with accurate information relative to products received.
  • Oversees the department staff in counting, weighing and identifying items being shipped; checks materials against invoices, bills of lading, customer orders and similar documents.
  • Oversees the department staff in filling orders, double-checking and shipping controlled substances with the assistance of cage/vault clerks or order fillers.
  • Maintains all records of the delivery process such as time, date, quantity, source and destination of materials shipped.
  • Oversees the manifests of routes and departures to ensure customers receive their merchandise in a timely manner.
  • May interact with customers in resolving delivery, or order filling issues.
  • Ensures the maintenance of records documenting order-filling process such as quantity, size, strength and NDC numbers.
  • Oversees the quality of the packing, protecting breakable items to ensure merchandise received by CLIENT customers arrives in a satisfactory manner.
  • Ensures the maintenance of highly detailed records documenting incoming and outgoing controlled substances into the cage/vault area.
  • Must be willing to work extended hours, as needed, in order to meet productivity goals.
  • Must be willing to participate in physical inventory as scheduled.
  • Performs related duties as assigned..