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Jill Houghton of Disability:IN in conversation with Nish Parikh

September 18, 2020

Jill Houghton, President & CEO of Disability:IN, joined Nish yesterday and explained how accessibility would play a key role in the future of disability inclusion.Thank you, Jill, for sharing your knowledge and vision with us and our attendees! #accessibilityforall #bestpractices #EmpathyDrivesInnovation #webinar #ChatWithNish SourceAbled View Post

Jeannine Parise of ClubVMSA in conversation with Hetal and Nish Parikh

September 11, 2020

Many thanks to Jeannine, Hetal, and Nish for the lively dialog yesterday! Special thanks to Zulay for making our chat show more inclusive and accessible for everyone and a huge shout-out to all the attendees who joined us. #entrepreneurship #technologythesedays #networking #meeting #webinar #EmpathyDrivesInnovation View Post

John Healy of Kelly in conversation with Nish Parikh - Part I

September 03, 2020

'Chat with Nish' is a Wednesday-only live webinar series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO of Rangam. Nish chats with guests about their diverse experiences and how they're contributing to empathy in the workplace, employment for everyone, and innovation. These 15-minute entertaining conversations are meant to explore and promote the incredible contributions being made through empathy that are shaping a new way to work for all. John Healy, Vice President & Managing Director, Office of the Future ... View Post

David Kearon of Autism Speaks in Conversation with Nish Parikh - Part I

August 27, 2020

Last week on 'Chat with Nish', David Kearon explained how Autism Speaks formalized adult services for people on the spectrum, with a focus on helping them transition to work. this space for more and remember to tune in today at 2:00 PM EDT for a brand new segment featuring Lawrence Fung, M.D., ... View Post

Becky Kekula from Disability:IN in Conversation with Nish Parikh

July 31, 2020

Becky Kekula, D&I advocate and Director of Disability Equality Index (DEI) at Disability:IN, will chat with our CEO, Nish Parikh, tomorrow at 2:00 PM EDT. We don't want to miss it, and neither should you!See the recording of the live event: #EmploymentForEveryone #disabilityandinclusion #ChatWithNish View Post

Mr. Ketan Kapoor - a D&I practitioner in Conversation with Nish Parikh

July 20, 2020

This week, Mr. Ketan Kapoor, a D&I practitioner and advocate joins Nish in conversation titled "Blurring the lines of Abilities - The New Normal". As a champion of empathy in the workplace, employment for everyone and innovation, Nish wants to share his experiences and how they are contributing to these concepts. These conversations are meant to be 15 minutes or less and explore the incredible contributions being made through empathy that are shaping a new way to work for all. Join us to ... View Post

5 Steps for Employers: How to allay shutdown fears among employees

May 20, 2020

Geetanjali M., Rangam’s EVP—Operations & Talent Management, shares her views on a topic that often makes us uncomfortable. Read the original blog here. View Post

COVID-19: Impact on Staffing

May 12, 2020

We interviewed Nish to discuss how COVID-19 might shape the staffing industry. Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Q: How will the current crisis impact customers? Nish: As the economy deals with the fallout of the recession, customers will become more cost-conscious than ever before. Q: What will HR automation look like post-COVID? Nish: The staffing industry is already familiar with AI-driven automation for increased efficiency in attracting, ... View Post

Getting to the Next Chapter of Your Career

May 01, 2020

The following is a republication of a blog post shared by GEETANJALI M., Rangam’s EVP, Operations & Talent Management. Enjoy the read! Nail that interview from home. What is the next chapter of your career going to read like? With social distancing still in place, companies are getting creative and doing their interviewing online. Recruiters and Managers are getting more and more comfortable with using technology to help make hiring decisions. I’d like to take this ... View Post