Abilities to Win: With All Disabilities - Sumit Agarwal


A deep connection and empathy with the audience deliver the right brand message. - Sumit Agrawal

In an interactive online session, Sumit Agrawal, Founder of PR Signal, shared his vision on abilities to win irrespective of disabilities with Nish Parikh, CEO, Rangam.

During the interaction, Sumit emphasized positive surroundings with a sense of empathy. We all have a finite amount of time to create some amount of impact. Surround yourself with positive people and smile more often.

“Smile is the greatest jewelry a person can wear; it costs nothing, but it is very infectious,” Sumit added. While speaking about the employment of people with disabilities, Sumit said he has never seen a person with disabilities in higher management roles. We need to talk about positions, promotion criteria, departments, skill programs, and training rather than just talking about the numbers to build a truly inclusive culture, he added. Sumit mentioned the lack of awareness and accessibility gap as the major for people with autism and disabilities.

Better accessibility of software tools and the internet can change the world of people with disabilities. People surrounded by friendly people become nice. The empathetic approach makes an enormous difference, he mentioned.

Sumit believes in living multiple lives by connecting to the stories of clients. The best is always yet to come, and tomorrow always seems better than today, he added.

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