Awesome interview tips from our hiring managers


When looking for a job, you may want to pay attention to and act on some of the advices coming from none other than hiring managers! They know a thing or two about job interviews and here's what they're saying.1. Bring a positive vibe Beyond all the key performance indicators and hard skills lies a less tangible attribute of warmth and personal interaction. The manager wants to hire someone who will be able to work with anyone in the company. So remember to smile and greet the people you meet. Humans are wired to make snap judgements; it's therefore important that you put others around you at ease to set the right tone for the interview. Remember, people get hired, not resumes.2. Your good manners count Listen to your interviewer carefully and don't interrupt. This is common sense advice that often goes unheeded by job seekers when they are excited or nervous. Unfortunately this little mistake can hurt you, leading to rejection and disappointment. It is not impressive to the interviewer when you can't respond well to comments or questions he/she has just voiced. Just in case you don't know the answer to a skills question, be honest, but immediately explain how you learned and mastered new skills in the past.3. Don't lie on your resumeMost hiring managers have read it all when it comes to resumes: the outlandish claims, the inconsistencies, the outright lies. Check and double check your resume before you submit it, making sure spelling is correct (don't misspell your skills!) and dates are accurate. A good interviewer will ask you very specific questions about specific items on your resume. Be prepared to respond clearly and concisely. It's advisable not to tamper with facts and be caught in an embarrassing and potentially career damaging situation.4. Know yourselfIt's become increasingly common for interviewers to request ?Walk me through your resume?. If you hear this during an interview, you should be able to confidently discuss each detail on your resume. And that can only happen when your resume reflects your actual experience and skills. If you tend to get nervous in such situations, even when discussing your own experience, practice with a friend, or in front of a mirror where you can view your own body language.