Be the Career Wolf: Up and coming careers in the next 4 years


Don?t always pursue what?s hot. Sometimes the ?not? careers at the commencement of your college experience can be up and coming by the time graduation comes around. Be prepared to remain flexible. Employers are also getting more daring, and following company models like Google where a degree and good grades validate the ability to do anything. While high demand for certain career potentials may attract you toward that major, others may offer better rewards, if only just because they?re not receiving ample applicants. It pays to market your career beyond what?s currently popular, and be a wolf instead of the pack.Construction sector:The construction industry was growing steadily overall around the world until 2007 when almost all sectors experienced losses during the Great Recession. As the industry recovers from the Great Recession, construction based job openings for Construction Project Management and first line supervisors are expected to increase, with approximately 130,000 predicted job openings by 2022. Work in this industry has become fast paced and efficient, as the latest IT technologies are developed such as Building Information Model. Apart from the OECD countries? involvement, developing countries like India are witnessing a boom in the construction sector at a phenomenal rate of approximately 7% per annum, as there grows a need for better infrastructure, and housing under this economic gain.Solar Energy:The events of the 1970s energy crisis brought back solar energy into public memory, with resurgence in the popularity of renewable energy. However, this interest subsided but development continued throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. With the recent improvement in technologies, analytics and marketing, solar energy has witnessed a record-breaking year in the markets in 2015, resulting in all-time low oil and gas prices. Reports predict that solar will account for almost 35% of new power generation infrastructure built out over the next 25 years, making this an extremely viable industry to enter. In fact, Portugal reached the zero emission milestone mid July, as national electricity consumption was fully covered by solar, wind and hydro energy for 107 hours.Neurotechnology:Improved quality of life has been a stable goal of everyone and advancement in neurotechnology provides just that, with services ranging from biometric safety systems to improved prosthetic limbs. How do we know that the neuro-technological dream is not a distant fantasy like The Matrix? The neurotechnology industry has approximately 800 companies worldwide and generated a whopping $160 billion in revenue in 2013. It continues to grow into a financially lucrative field with major advances in sciences and technology. Research and expansion in this vast field will include a wide array of career prospects like engineering, physical and psychological therapists, medical researchers, among others.