Consumer Trends Mandate Empathy with Your Workforce


Chat with Nish is a series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Empathy Advocate at Rangam.

"The new economy is more passionate. People are exploring more ways to do what they love to do and how they love to do it." — John Healy

On September 2, 2020, John Healy, Vice President and Managing Director of the Office of the Future of Work at Kelly Services, joined Nish Parikh of Rangam to talk about consumer trends and how they mandate empathy with the workforce.

“During the pandemic, we all have seen a great integration of work and life,” John said. “We have identified a whole new set of challenges and pressures. Some are dealing with personal pressures, while some are struggling to fix their professional life.”

According to him, our tolerance for bad consumer experiences has become very low. The reasons John mentioned are multiple identities, seeking new experiences, and embracing co-working facilities. John said employers need to be more conscious of employees’ patterns and behaviors.

They need to operate with more empathy. The first wave of COVID raised concerns about security and safety. “The post-pandemic work culture is more empathetic. Organizations are resetting their goals to focus on providing the best to their employees,” John mentioned.

“They have become more focused on outcomes, and they offer great flexibility to the workforce,” he added. John said we all have become more human and more socially conscious of things going around in the communities. In the future, empathy must continue to bring transformation in the way people work and connect. Every Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, Nish chats with thought leaders about how they are contributing to empathy in the workplace, employment for everyone, and innovation.

These 30-minute conversations explore the incredible contributions being made through empathy that are shaping a novel way to work for all. Join us every Wednesday to spread innovative thoughts, compassion, and empathy!

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