COVID-19 Has Accelerated #Innovation?, #Inclusion? & #Empathy?: Manish Patel of Princeton Partners


Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make happy stakeholders.

Speaking to Nish Parikh of Rangam on 1/13/2021, Manish Patel, Director of Brand Innovation at Princeton Partners, shared his thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up innovation across sectors.

While talking about the difficulties and challenges of 2020, Manish mentioned how empathy and innovation worked as a source of optimism amid uncertainties. 2020 saw a substantial shift in employment, innovation, and diversity. The pandemic has brought attention back to people. Employers have become more empathetic, innovative, and aware than ever before.

According to Manish, millennials are showing great interest in diverse cultures that foster empathy and are solutions-driven.

Smaller companies with diverse, empathetic, and inclusive work environments are attracting more millennials. Manish believes employees are also at the same level as customers and shareholders are. Employers are building their strategy around the creation of shared values to attract and retain employees. During COVID, some companies have gone thoroughly virtual, and they are noticeably more productive. 2020 has reset the priorities of our lives.

People have learned to differentiate between needs and wants. They now know what their must-have things are and the things they can do without or are easy to replace. 2020 has brought many positive changes and those will surely help us lead a beautiful life and career, according to Manish.

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