Ending your contract on good terms


Some people can be so shortsighted? only operating in the here and now and not giving much thought to the future. Contractors, of all people, had better have a clear picture of the immediate future if they want to keep those jobs coming and maintain a good reputation.

Here are some pointers to consider:

1. Keep up the good work

You are only as good as today's performance. Therefore, it is imperative that you give your best shot every day, no matter what phase of your career you are in. By putting in a lot of time with a company, you have earned the right to be valuable to your co-workers and managers. Don't squander the good will by zoning out in the last few days of the assignment. Don't leave the company and your co-workers in the lurch by turning in mediocre work at the end. Just as you move from job to job, those co-workers will as well, and could become valuable allies in getting a job later on.

2. Be proactive

It is highly likely that your manager and those on your project/team are not aware of your contract end date. The responsibility is yours to inform them so everyone is aware and you get the necessary support to provide for a smooth transfer of responsibilities. Stress avoidance is a great skill to have and your co-workers will thank you.

3. End on a high note

Be appreciative of everything your co-workers and managers have done for you. A short and sincere departing email works very well. Also, make the rounds and give each coworker a heartfelt ?Thank You?. Remember to think through what you are going to write or say in advance. This will be your last chance to make a positive, lasting impression. Make it a good one.