5 reasons to get a strong relationship going with recruiters


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Job seekers work hard to land the jobs that best match their skills and salary expectations. Luckily, there's a group of professionals who work equally hard to connect job seekers with employers. Irrespective of whether you?re looking or have already started working somewhere, you would do your career a world of good if you build and maintain rapport with this second group of people, recruiters.[simple_tooltip content='A little over one million recruiters working at 17,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S. match 14 million people to jobs annually.']1[/simple_tooltip]Here are 5 reasons why:1. Recruiters are the best people to give you constructive feedback, and help you develop a better resume and prepare you to succeed at the interview.2. Recruiters often have access to openings that aren?t usually advertised through company websites or job boards. They can get you more opportunities with less competition.3. Recruiters represent staffing firms that can ? and do ? recommend good candidates to a huge pool of clients. Most job seekers aren?t able to get a foot in the door of their preferred companies on their own.4. Recruiters who?ve worked with you in the past are more likely to reach out to you again. All you need to do is establish and maintain a warm relationship with recruiters who helped you and may again be of help in the future. Maintaining regular contact (but not too frequent) is a great idea.5. The best recruiters are self-driven people who take immense pride in what they do ? from finding the right candidates to expediting the hiring process. If they know they can depend on you, they?ll bring you more opportunities.