4 job hunting tips while you are still employed


Looking for a change while being employed can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, people who are employed are much more desirable candidates to hiring managers than those who aren?t. But on the other hand, a job search ? regardless of however confidential it?s intended to be kept ? can tip one?s current boss or manager off with disastrous results. So how can you safely hunt jobs while working in your current position?

Here are 4 tips.
  1. Never look for a new job using your company?s resources. It?s unethical and your manager will be the first person to know that you are up to something. Besides, spending company hours on job search will negatively affect your performance. If you have no other option but to talk to a recruiter while at work, schedule the call during lunch time.
  2. Stay tight-lipped about your plan. Divulging the information to even the most trusted coworker can be risky because sometimes people can spill the beans unintentionally. One coworker can innocently tell another colleague that other people are looking and those types of messages bubble up to the top.
  3. Use personal email address on your social media profiles (LinkedIn, for instance) to communicate with prospective employers. You should never use your work email while job searching.
  4. Be extremely careful with email auto fill forms, even when using personal email. You may end up sending your resume to the wrong person just because his/her email address bears a strong resemblance to that of a hiring manager of another company. Double check the email address of the recipient before hitting the irresistibly tempting ?Send? button!

In conclusion, staying loyal and productive works best during a phase of transition. The best employees are the ones who care for their reputation at all times and at all places, ensuring that they depart amiably and on a positive note.