Hiring veterans could be your smartest business decision


We at Rangam appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our US military veterans and their families. We want to open up opportunities for men and women who have given so much for us. Since we are primarily a diversity recruiting company that connects people to employment opportunities (both for contingent and permanent jobs), we endeavor to help them by doing what we do best.Rangam?s recruiters review the resume of every US veteran job seeker whose profile shows up in our searches. We get to know our veteran candidates and assess which client environments and job descriptions best match their skills, aptitudes and interests. When we present our military veteran candidates to our clients for consideration, we highlight their veteran status and matching skills. Rangam encourages our clients to hire veterans not just because it?s the right thing to do but because it will have a positive impact on company culture, employee productivity and the bottom line.

  • Team oriented
  • Punctual and prepared
  • Organized and disciplined
  • Take pride in their work
  • Follow-through on assignments
  • Conscious of safety standards
  • Respect for process and procedures
  • Follow schedules and meet deadlines
  • Take responsibility
  • Adapt well to change
  • Perform efficiently under pressure
  • Integrity and discretion
  • Triumph over adversity
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Have a strong sense of duty
  • Loyalty to their organization
When you hire a veteran, you provide opportunity to someone who has defended our country and our values. US military veterans are a diverse group of individuals who are team players and are used to working in inclusive groups. Collaborative teams are the most productive.They have cross-functional skills, accelerated learning curves and efficient problem solving abilities. They are easily promotable and loyal to their organizations. These traits are invaluable to our clients and to us.
Rangam?s Sources for Finding US Military Veteran Candidates
  • Veteran?s organizations
  • Reemployment offices
  • Personal networks
  • Web portals
  • Job fairs & networking events
  • Colleges & universities
We take pride in representing US military veterans among our job candidates and hope that your organization will give them an opportunity. Rangam wants to partner with you to hire our heroes.