Job search during the holidays? YES.


  1. Prioritize your work schedule in advance. Instead of daydreaming about your weekend on Friday afternoon, take a few minutes for a quick review of your most important tasks for Monday. List them according to importance. Or, you may prefer to list them by level of difficulty to get the tough ones out of the way first.
  2. Set a goal for the week. While you are working on your to-do list for Monday, go ahead and set a goal for the week. Don?t get too ambitious. After all, you don?t want to get discouraged by Tuesday!
  3. If you have to have a meeting, make it short. Well, all meetings should be short and to the point, but especially on Mondays. A quick meeting to regroup after the weekend and make sure everyone is in sync with their plans and goals is a good boost to efficiency. A long presentation that will put everyone to sleep is not.
  4. Don?t stress! Easier said than done, we know. But if the work gets to be too much, just get up and walk around. A short mental break will do wonders for your ability to concentrate.
  5. Have a healthy, light dinner on Sunday. And try to get to bed early! Your body and soul will thank you the next morning. You will have more energy, giving you a positive start to the day.

Are your Mondays as productive as your Tuesdays or other weekdays?