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COVID-19 Has Accelerated #Innovation?, #Inclusion? & #Empathy?: Manish Patel of Princeton Partners

January 13, 2021

Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make happy stakeholders. Speaking to Nish Parikh of Rangam on 1/13/2021, Manish Patel, Director of Brand Innovation at Princeton Partners, shared his thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up innovation across sectors. While talking about the difficulties and challenges of 2020, Manish mentioned how empathy and innovation worked as a source of optimism amid uncertainties. 2020 saw a substantial shift in employment, innovation, and diversity. The pandemic has brought attention back to people. Employers have become more empathetic, innovative, and aware than ever before. According to Manish, millennials are showing great interest in diverse cultures that foster empathy and are solutions-driven. Smaller companies with diverse, empathetic, and inclusive work environments are attracting more millennials. Manish ... View Post

Social Capitalism: Bryan Peña Chats with Nish

January 06, 2021

The deeper the connection with what you do, the easier it is to address change. On January 6th, 2021, Bryan Peña of Defiant Solutions joined Nish Parikh of Rangam in an interesting conversation around social capitalism. Bryan said that in the race to find opportunities, the most constant factor is change and that change has arrived. There are societal, government, regulatory, and technological changes influencing lives. These changes are affecting lives differently. “Not everyone ... View Post

Three Must-Have Skills for Business Leaders in 2021

December 30, 2020

Business leadership in 2021 is going to be different from what it has been for a very long time. While industries are gradually reopening and people are returning to work, a degree of uncertainty still prevails in the job market. In order to restore confidence, rebuild trust and regain resilience, business leaders will have to sharpen their focus on an exhaustive array of imperatives in the post-pandemic world. Here are three must-have skills for leaders to stay relevant and sustain continued ... View Post

Ron DeShay chats with Nish

December 10, 2020

Chat with Nish is a series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Empathy Advocate at Rangam.  If you can see the end, you can see the process.” — Ron DeShay On December 9, 2020, Ron DeShay, CEO, President & Founder at World of Dreams Entertainment Group, joined Nish Parikh of Rangam in an interactive online session of “Chat with Nish” to share his thoughts on empathy. Ron started with all the positive forces of the pandemic. He focused on ... View Post

How Technology is Helping Neurodiverse Employees at Work

December 08, 2020

Advanced productivity tools and communication technologies have changed everyone’s life one way or another. For people with autism at work, these tools and technologies provide opportunities to work and interact with others in a way that is more comfortable for them. For instance, visual schedules not only help a person with autism complete their tasks, but also help them in self-care and daily living. For neurodiverse employees, assistive technology means having an opportunity to ... View Post

Multicultural Diversity in a Global Workplace

December 02, 2020

Chat with Nish is a series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Empathy Advocate at Rangam. “Millennials have a better understanding of humans and have a more empathic view of the world.” — Carin Knoop Speaking with Nish Parikh of Rangam in an online interactive session of “Chat with Nish” on December 2, 2020, Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director of Global Research Group at Harvard Business School, shared her insights on how multicultural diversity ... View Post

Advancing Disability Inclusion at the Workplace

November 18, 2020

Chat with Nish is a series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Empathy Advocate at Rangam. “A lot of innovation comes from how we think about treating one another and working with one another.” — Derek Wilson In an interactive online session of “Chat with Nish” on November 18, 2020, Derek Wilson, Director of Global Strategy Lead at Johnson & Johnson, spoke about the whys and hows of advancing disability inclusion at the workplace. Derek said the ... View Post