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COVID-19: Impact on Staffing

May 12, 2020

We interviewed Nish to discuss how COVID-19 might shape the staffing industry. Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Q: How will the current crisis impact customers? Nish: As the economy deals with the fallout of the recession, customers will become more cost-conscious than ever before. Q: What will HR automation look like post-COVID? Nish: The staffing industry is already familiar with AI-driven automation for increased efficiency in attracting, qualifying, and screening talent. Post-COVID, automation will move 100x faster than it has in recent times. Q: Rangam thrives in a culture of innovation beyond automation. What role will innovation play in the near future? Nish: Keeping automation aside, adoption of any new innovation typically takes 7-30 years. The staffing ecosystem takes years to internalize new tools and technologies. With ... View Post

Getting to the Next Chapter of Your Career

May 01, 2020

The following is a republication of a blog post shared by GEETANJALI M., Rangam’s EVP, Operations & Talent Management. Enjoy the read! Nail that interview from home. What is the next chapter of your career going to read like? With social distancing still in place, companies are getting creative and doing their interviewing online. Recruiters and Managers are getting more and more comfortable with using technology to help make hiring decisions. I’d like to take this ... View Post