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Retaining the Human Touch While Using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

March 25, 2019

Companies often lament the paucity of skills duringtalent acquisition. Scarcity is a mindset that stifles innovation and makes itdifficult for many companies to look in the right direction. The truth is thatqualified candidates are everywhere. But outdated business models and closedplatforms, deployed by many organizations, impede the search for the rightcandidates, hiring managers, and talent suppliers. Smaller organizations are unlikely to have the rightresources to zero in on the best talent for ad-hoc assignments, seasonal needs,projects, sudden ramp-ups, or even important permanent positions. Internalrecruiters are often restricted to working with a shrinking pool of talent andtend to rely on job boards and social hiring. Unsurprisingly, hiring managersstruggle to find the best candidates when they receive new job requisitions. Several new tools for hiring, notwithstanding ... View Post

Managing a Contingent Workforce

March 19, 2019

With a steady rise in contingent work arrangements in the US and elsewhere, employers have started to realize the value of hiring independent contractual workers. The appeal of specialized skills, along with low hiring costs and flexibility, has made contingent workers a preferred option for many leading companies. But the rise in the number of contractual workers has also led to a pertinent question. Are contingent workers manageable? While there are many benefits of hiring them, it's ... View Post

Role of Technology in Contingent Labor Market

March 14, 2019

Hiring of contingent labor has significantly risen in almost all industries in the past few years. Human resource (HR) experts have predicted that the contingent labor market would increase manifold in the days ahead, with companies all set to hire hyper-specialized staff for their operations. That aside, in an uncertain economic scenario, a contingent workforce lends greater flexibility to work. Effective contingent labor management calls for the proper use of technology in tracking, ... View Post

What Does International Women's Day Mean to Rangam?

March 08, 2019

As a woman-owned business, Rangam has always been supportive of its women employees, consultants, customers, and partners. We not only offer employee-friendly work arrangements like telecommuting and flexible hours to our staff, but also empower and encourage women to break the proverbial glass ceiling by actively pursuing leadership roles. Rangam is among the few companies where many policy-related, administrative, and operational decisions are regularly made by women in the upper echelon of ... View Post