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Want to Be Uber Productive at Work? Take a Break.

December 20, 2018

Even as you read this, there could be at least 10 tabs open on your browser, plus several active programs running at the same time.   Ever wondered why? With all the hustle around us, it?s easy to feel we aren?t doing enough if we don?t get a visual confirmation of our efforts. For some of us, work means multitasking. We constantly switch from one task to another?without interruption or break. We just don?t have the time to take a break (and close some of the unused tabs on our internet browser).There?s always a need to take a break while at work. The human body usually can?t work beyond eight hours and productivity takes a hit beyond that. Also, one or two short breaks between long stretches of continuous work help in reenergizing the mind. It boosts satisfaction levels and positively impacts the quality of work.If you are wondering how to take a break during work hours, ... View Post