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Remembering the League of Extraordinary Women

May 17, 2019

          They waited. As their husbands fought a debatable war, they waited. The battle ended, they waited. Recognition came, a bit too late,and they still waited. During the long years of theVietnam War, many American pilots were shot down in North Vietnam, and weretaken as prisoners of war (POW) or were reported missing in action (MIA). Theirwives sought information about their husbands from various government departments.Go home and leave the release negotiations to the government, they were told.They were often branded as ?hysterical females? and women who now ?needed ashoulder to cry on.? The wives of these brave soldiersbegan to be treated as second-class citizens. As the war progressed, news aboutAmerican soldiers being tortured and used for propaganda started to appear inthe media. By the end of 1966, wives of many ... View Post

Being Sensitive to People on the Autism Spectrum

April 30, 2019

Autism spectrum disorders affect the way a person?s bodyand brain work. People with autism may have trouble speaking or communicatingin a social situation. Nearly 30% of individuals on the spectrum are nonverbal.They often don?t communicate as much as others do; are sensitive to noise, light,and textures; and may prefer to sit quietly in a corner. However, these traits don?t undermine the fact that peopleon the spectrum are capable, passionate, intelligent, and honest. The onus is onthe ... View Post

Whether or Not to Disclose Autism at Work

April 24, 2019

From filling out lengthy application forms to mustering up confidence for an interview, job hunting can be stressful. It can be a little more stressful for people with autism as they are faced with the perennial dilemma of whether or not to disclose their diagnosis. Most experts say that disclosing autism in the workplace is entirely a personal decision, based on the candidate's needs and preferences. A differently-abled worker may face stigma if they disclose. Eminent sociologist Erving ... View Post

History and Significance of Autism Awareness Month

April 10, 2019

Organizations and individuals across the world, every year, observe April as Autism Awareness Month. Events are held to raise public awareness and educate local communities about autism spectrum disorders. The first National Autism Awareness month was held by the Autism Society in 1970. Over the past 50 years, autism has emerged as the fastest-growing developmental disability, affecting one in 59 children in the US and creating barriers to employment and independent living. It used to be one ... View Post