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Resume building tips - Language (Part II)

November 18, 2016

This is the second and final part of our series on how to write a better resume. Our previous blog discussed using correct punctuation and the active voice, as well as not using adjectives and adverbs indiscriminately. In this post, we present some more basic, but oft ignored, tips for good resume writing.4. Spell correctly and use the right wordsFewer things are more annoying to a hiring manager than a resume littered with misspellings and grammatical and punctuation errors. Take a look at the examples below:Made Outbound. Calls when necesary to obtain additional information from either a member or a provider. ? WrongMade outbound calls when necessary to obtain additional information from either a member or a provider.? RightIntroduction of the new reporting tool affected a sweeping change in management's attitude toward employees. ? WrongIntroduction of the new reporting tool effected ... View Post

Rangam says thank you to our veterans

November 11, 2016

Today is Veterans Day. It's a time to remember and honor the service and sacrifice of those who for years have protected the American dream and way of life. Earlier we wrote a blog that touched upon the benefits of hiring veterans for contingent and permanent positions. Now we've made a fair bit of progress in the direction of setting up a scalable employment model that offers innovative career solutions to veterans and their families. With our proven expertise in talent resource management, ... View Post

Resume-building tips ? Language (Part I)

September 22, 2016

Earlier we shared with you some of our favorite interview tips. We'd now like to take a step back and discuss how to write that winning resume which can help you land your next interview. Regardless of whether you're just starting your career or you've grown into a seasoned professional, the importance of having a well-written resume with good grammar, proper punctuation, correct spelling and appropriate capitalization can never be emphasized enough. For starters, make sure you:1. Write in ... View Post

The business case for hiring veterans [Infographic]

August 30, 2016

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Be the Career Wolf: Up and coming careers in the next 4 years

August 17, 2016

Don?t always pursue what?s hot. Sometimes the ?not? careers at the commencement of your college experience can be up and coming by the time graduation comes around. Be prepared to remain flexible. Employers are also getting more daring, and following company models like Google where a degree and good grades validate the ability to do anything. While high demand for certain career potentials may attract you toward that major, others may offer better rewards, if only just because they?re not ... View Post

Hiring veterans could be your smartest business decision

August 08, 2016

We at Rangam appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our US military veterans and their families. We want to open up opportunities for men and women who have given so much for us. Since we are primarily a diversity recruiting company that connects people to employment opportunities (both for contingent and permanent jobs), we endeavor to help them by doing what we do best.Rangam?s recruiters review the resume of every US veteran job seeker whose profile shows up in our searches. We get to ... View Post

Smart strategies for networking: Make all the right moves

July 22, 2016

Rangam Consultants works to provide job seekers not only with temporary staffing options, but also with tips on how to go about increasing your connections and networking skills after the offer, or during periods of transition. Careers are not built in isolation and networking is critical to display your professional brand ? you ? to prospective employers, or those who may help you achieve your goals. Apart from creating contacts and references, you can also learn about various industry-related ... View Post

Secrets to successful contracting: From resume to work

July 15, 2016

"You are not your resume, you are your work.? Seth Godin In the fast-paced, results-driven world of contracting, it's really important to focus on your work. While an impressive resume is key to getting a foot in the door of a large company and charting a great career trajectory, it's also worth remembering that there's only so much a resume can do for contractual and temporary workers. Ultimately they are judged by their output at the end of a given day and not by what they did before. ... View Post

Workplace success hacks for the millennial from a millennial

July 05, 2016

Rangam Consultants wants to provide our clients and consultants the latest market intelligence and to that end we are starting to explore the world of temporary staffing and job seeking through the eyes of a millennial. We enlisted the help of a guest blogger for this week. She is a world-traveled JD Candidate who has taken her own experiences and those of her peers and developed this honest and detailed set of guidelines. Whether you are a hiring manager, a parent or a job-seeking millennial, ... View Post

Expand your career options

July 01, 2016

"You miss 100% of the shots you don?t take.? Wayne Gretzky People are sometimes hesitant to give contracting a shot because they want to feel secure. We get that.However, the financial downturn of 2008 proved beyond doubt that even permanent jobs may not guarantee a secure career in a volatile job market. In the aftermath of the recession many companies laid off experienced workers to compensate for budget deficits. For many people, the apparent comfort of holding a permanent job suddenly ... View Post