Rebound Of Social Economy through Innovative Employment Solutions


The staffing industry would focus majorly on upskilling and reskilling talent to meet the demand of current and future jobs.

In a virtual conversation with Nish Parikh, CEO and Co-Founder of Rangam, Paula Ratliff, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup North America, shared her observations on how innovative employment solutions are transforming the staffing industry.

COVID-19 has changed the workplace and the way of working. The new normal of work is more flexible than ever in the past. Working remotely offers an outstanding balance between work and family, especially for women.

During the pandemic, women have become more focused on one life strategy that strives to find a perfect balance between work, family, and personal life.

According to Paula, companies are looking for more ways to be flexible with their employees.

Employers and individuals are collaborating to bring innovation into the workplace. The pandemic has taught employers and employees to keep moving and helping each other to transform businesses.

The employment industry has to focus on talent gaps. Future jobs could be highly technical and automated, so our role is to create opportunities for upskilling and reskilling.

 “Companies are passionate about bringing in a diverse workforce. They are adding more value to the workplace with diversity inclusion and disability inclusion,” she noted.

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