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Chat with Nish is a series hosted by Nish Parikh, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Empathy Advocate at Rangam.

 If you can see the end, you can see the process.” — Ron DeShay

On December 9, 2020, Ron DeShay, CEO, President & Founder at World of Dreams Entertainment Group, joined Nish Parikh of Rangam in an interactive online session of “Chat with Nish” to share his thoughts on empathy.

Ron started with all the positive forces of the pandemic. He focused on opportunities and possibilities and said that from his vantage point, he could only see solutions irrespective of the situation to experience a whole different world.

“The ability to see hopes and positives keeps us going in the most challenging of times,” he stated.

Ron said companies could work independently from one another, and they could be very agile during the pandemic. Every company focused on self-sustaining, and it worked well.

Ron said he trusts millennials and gen Zers with their ability to affect culture like no other generation. He expressed his admiration for this generation, and said he listens to their ideas and learns from them the most.

Ron invests in people around to execute his ideas and take them to a whole different level.

“A successful business is all about brilliant strategies,” Ron mentioned, adding that small and simple things make a picture large and successful.

The former ‘American Idol’ producer said he believes in creating an atmosphere where everyone is involved throughout the process. He said everyone has something to offer.

“Willingness to take those risks within your own space is necessary to make desirable changes,” he added.

About Ron DeShay:

Ron DeShay is a producer and director, known for American Idol (2002), Full Throttle (2004) and AFP: American Fighter Pilot (2002).

A recent subject of Harvard Business School's case study slate, DeShay has inspired tens of thousands, on the subjects of Innovating Through Crisis (Thriving During a Pandemic) and World of Dreams efforts towards social justice in the wake of a movement to eradicate racial inequality in the US.

About ‘Chat with Nish’:

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