Secrets to successful contracting: From resume to work


"You are not your resume, you are your work.?

Seth Godin

In the fast-paced, results-driven world of contracting, it's really important to focus on your work. While an impressive resume is key to getting a foot in the door of a large company and charting a great career trajectory, it's also worth remembering that there's only so much a resume can do for contractual and temporary workers. Ultimately they are judged by their output at the end of a given day and not by what they did before. So if you have found your next dream position, you should stop obsessing over your resume and shift your focus back to being the best worker you can be. The next version of your resume will write itself.

  1. Work with a sense of urgency and purpose. Show an interest in taking on additional projects. Your coworkers and supervisors will notice, which makes for good references and recommendations.
  2. Develop new skills to adapt to changes in technology, market conditions, etc. That gives you more building blocks for a more impressive resume.
  3. Concentrate on how you deal with people. Then observe those who seem to have a magic way with relationships and strive to incorporate their methods in your dealings with others. People refer and recommend those whom they like.
  4. Work with your company, not just for it. Align yourself with the company's vision and objectives and work toward common goals. You will garner a good reputation as a team player, gain more experience for your resume and (guess what!) reap more references!