The win-win formula in staffing: Help recruiters help you


Recruiters can help you get you the job you're looking for. However, the connection between you and recruiters works both ways ? whether a recruiter calls you regarding an opening or you call them pro-actively. On most occasions though, a recruiter will take the initiative to contact you and tell you about an open position that matches your skills and expertise. When they do, make sure to work with them so as to speed up the hiring process and create a win-win. Here are 3 ways to help a recruiter help you.

1. Be sure to establish your needs upfront ? You may not be in a position to commute beyond a 20-mile radius or you may only want to work with a company that offers certain types of benefits. Perhaps you'd love to telecommute for some time. Establish your needs when you speak with a recruiter for the first time.2. Be honest and transparent ? Honesty and transparency are qualities that shine in all situations. Be direct when you speak to a recruiter. If you had an employment gap, say so. If you've already been approached by another staffing agency for the same job, let them know immediately. Remember that recruiters are there to help you find the best available job in the least amount of time. Don't let them ? and yourself ? down by withholding information or by providing inaccurate details about your educational and employment background.3. Be quick to follow up ? When you receive a call or an email, try to respond as quickly as possible. A recruiter's job requires that they work very quickly. Lengthy delays can, at best, open up a window of opportunity for someone else and at worst, dissuade recruiters from contacting you for future openings. Likewise, if you haven't heard from a recruiter for a while, send then an email to let them know you are available.

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