3 pragmatic ways to stay positive and motivated at work


Staying true to your passion is a great ideal. Once you look at how things really work in most organizations, you may want get more real. Feeling successful is important to staying motivated and being more pragmatic may contribute to being more successful at work. Here are some ideas:

1) Don?t let the lack of your favorite opportunities stymie your advancement; make the best of available opportunities. Maybe you can lead a project that needs to get pushed forward, get some recognition and develop your leadership skills.

2) Proactively create opportunities for yourself and your team and be always prepared to take a few chances along the way; this will keep things interesting. Challenges, even little ones, can keep you mentally engaged with your work.

3) Keep developing your transferable skills. Whatever your current occupation is, think about what skills are going to be most useful in the future and try to take on more tasks that will help you sharpen them.