3 questions a contract job seeker should be asking in an interview


We've already covered various interview tips from what to answer to the dreaded ?Why did you leave your last job?? question to how to prove by example that you are a valuable team player. It's time now to highlight what a job seeker can accomplish by asking intelligent questions in an interview. Asking some important basic questions can give candidates a fairly clear idea about the scope of the contract and what exactly is expected of them.Here are 3 important questions for candidates to ask in a contract job interview.

  1. What's the goal of the project?
When you ask this question, you indirectly let the interviewer know that you are a contribution-oriented person. A good interviewer will present the ?bigger picture?, and in doing so, may provide additional information pertaining to your area of interest.
  1. What are the deliverables for this role?
It's better to be clear with this all-important aspect of a professional commitment right away. Make sure to highlight your matching experience during the discussion.
  1. What are the top priorities for this role?
Show that you care about proving yourself and succeeding quickly. Every hiring manager wants self-motivated people on their team.Thank you for reading our blog. We offer career and interview tips, management advice and plenty of other cool stuff for contractors and staffing professionals. We are on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.