3 tips to be more valued as a contract employee


With temporary and contract staffing sales increasing by billions year after year, it?s a no-brainer that today?s contingent workforce wants to make the most of the available jobs. However, money and opportunity never come without competition, do they? It is therefore important to really steer clear of mediocrity and show up as a better employee. To that end, we have 3 tips.

1. Adapt to the organizational culture

Every company has a distinct culture that manifests in both obvious and implicit ways. The sooner you figure things out, the easier it?ll be for you to blend into the work environment. Going through all the documented policies and protocols is a good way to start. Follow this up by skimming the company?s website to understand their vision and values. If you want to understand what a regular day in the office looks like, it won?t be a bad idea to have lunch with an approachable colleague.

2. Push the envelope

Good workers do what they?re asked to do. The truly best ones do a little more than that. Go out of your way to help a colleague who might be hesitant to ask you for assistance. Roll up your sleeves and be willing to work a few extra hours when that big project comes along. Learn a skill that?s relevant to your area of expertise so you can share the workload of your team. Efforts that are aligned with the company?s objective don?t go unseen.

3. Take initiative

What sets just good team players apart from great leaders is the ability to take initiatives. Suggest a change of process to drive better results. Make a well-timed move to put your head above the parapet and address an issue that most people are afraid to talk about. Take up a challenging assignment and work hard to complete it.Hiring managers love people who have the habit of pulling off heroic acts to save costs.Want to find your ?best-fit? job? Visit