2 quick tips to keep professional responsibilities from invading your personal space


The 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study reveals that employers and employees have significantly different opinions about what consists of a fair work-life balance. Two-thirds of HR managers reckon that their employees get enough personal time, while 45% of polled workers say they don't. Disparate numbers aside, what could employees do to dodge burnout? Here are 2 quick tips:1. Carry two cell phones ? one for your personal use and another for work. Switch off your work phone after the working hours are over. Check it only when you need to (for that urgent project).2. Be upfront with your manager or employer but say it diplomatically. Tell them that it is important for you to be at your best at work and that you need some time to take care of what you need to outside of work and also to recharge yourself so that you have to stay positive and focused while on the job.Read more about the Workplace Trends survey here.