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Disability Etiquette in the Workplace

October 30, 2019

That people with disabilities add value to an organization has been long established. Companies are increasingly waking up to the need for an inclusive workforce. However, despite the best intentions, many employers are still busy figuring out appropriate ways to interact with and bring the best out of their employees who have a disability. Are you one of them? Here are six tips for you: Use person-first language Addressing a person as an individual, without pigeonholing them into an overarching “identity” category based on their abilities, is how person-first communication is carried out. Speak with someone who has a disability in the same way as you’d do with anyone else. Refer to the disability only when it’s relevant. Also, choose your words carefully so an individual’s disability status doesn’t become a discriminatory label in the ... View Post

The Incredible Story of Kodi Lee

October 24, 2019

American pianist, singer and songwriter Kodi Taehyun Lee has been crowned the champion of the latest season of popular TV show America’s Got Talent (AGT). Kodi has won an award of $1 million and will get a chance to headline shows at Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas from November 7-10. What has made Lee’s success incredible is that he overcame debilitating disabilities and wowed a nation to emerge as the winner of AGT. The 23-year-old performer is visually challenged and is on the ... View Post

10 Ideas to Observe NDEAM and Raise Disability Employment Awareness at Work

October 04, 2019

The US Department of Labor has chosen The Right Talent, Right Now theme to observe the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this year. Back in 1988, the US Congress declared October as the NDEAM to raise awareness about the employment needs and contributions of differently-abled people. The theme for 2019 underscores the role that people with different abilities play towards America’s economic success, particularly when global competition and historically low levels of ... View Post

Being Sensitive to People on the Autism Spectrum

April 30, 2019

Autism spectrum disorders affect the way a person?s bodyand brain work. People with autism may have trouble speaking or communicatingin a social situation. Nearly 30% of individuals on the spectrum are nonverbal.They often don?t communicate as much as others do; are sensitive to noise, light,and textures; and may prefer to sit quietly in a corner. However, these traits don?t undermine the fact that peopleon the spectrum are capable, passionate, intelligent, and honest. The onus is onthe ... View Post

History and Significance of Autism Awareness Month

April 10, 2019

Organizations and individuals across the world, every year, observe April as Autism Awareness Month. Events are held to raise public awareness and educate local communities about autism spectrum disorders. The first National Autism Awareness month was held by the Autism Society in 1970. Over the past 50 years, autism has emerged as the fastest-growing developmental disability, affecting one in 59 children in the US and creating barriers to employment and independent living. It used to be one ... View Post